Ramona Molitor
University of Passau
Ramona Molitor is a doctoral candidate in economics and research assistant at the University of Passau (Germany). She has received a B.Sc. in economics from the University of Munich and a M.A. in economics with a specialisation in development economics from the University of Goettingen. Her research interests include development, maternal and child health, fertility and quasi experimental and experimental methods.

Articles By Ramona Molitor
Droughts and child health
Posted On: 27 Jan 2015

Topics:   Health

Research has pointed towards the importance of foetal health in child development. Assessing the impact of rainfall variability on child health, this column finds that exposure to drought in the womb increases the child’s likelihood of being underweight. It suggests that policies aimed at reducing child malnutrition need to start at the beginning of human life, that is, in the womb.
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