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Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
University College London
Geeta Gandhi Kingdon is Professor of Education and International Development at the Institute of Education, London University, and was until recently a Research Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford. She lectures in development economics and her research interests include economics of education, labour economics and the economics of happiness, mostly in countries of South Asia and Africa. Her work is based on microeconometric analysis of survey data and has resulted in more than 25 papers in peer reviewed economics and development economics journals. She is on the Editorial Board of three academic journals and does extensive academic refereeing as well as advisory work forgovernments and donor agencies.  

Articles By Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
Assessing teacher quality in India
Posted On: 16 Feb 2015

Topics:   Education

Research in the US has pointed out that the most important determinant of the quality of education is the quality of teachers but that students’ achievement is not linked to observable teacher characteristics such as qualification or experience. Using data from selected private schools in Uttar Pradesh, this column estimates the contribution or ‘value added’ of teachers to student scores in external examinations.
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