Joseph Vecci
Monash University
Joseph Vecci is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics, Monash University. His research interest include development, economics of education and experimental economics. Specifically, he is conducting experiments to understand social status and leadership in developed and developing countries (including India). Joe has also worked as a consultant for the Solomon Island government examining the impact of its rural development programme.

Articles By Joseph Vecci
Citizens’ trust in local politicians and implications for good governance
Posted On: 10 Jun 2015

Topics:   Political Economy

The new state of Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh in June 2014, after a prolonged movement by the people of Telangana region for a separate state. Based on field experiments among citizens in the two successor states, this column finds greater trust in politicians in Andhra relative to Telangana, which may facilitate effective functioning of the State and signal citizens’ expectations from the government.
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Women leaders and deceptive behaviour
Posted On: 29 Jan 2015

Are women in leadership positions more dishonest than men? Based on an artefactual field experiment in rural Bihar, this column finds that women in leadership positions deceive more than men, especially in villages that have previously experienced a female village chief. It suggests that simply reserving seats in village councils for women may not necessarily lead to better outcomes for villagers or women.
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