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Rijo M. John
IIT Jodhpur
Rijo M. John is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of technology Jodhpur. He received his Masters in Economics from the University of Hyderabad and Ph.D. in Development Studies from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. He holds a Post Doctoral Fellowship from the University of California, San Francisco and has held academic positions at the University of Illinois Chicago and the American Cancer Society Atlanta. His research has been in the area of public health policy and global health in general and economics of life style behaviors in particular. Rijo's research primarily focuses on low- and middle-income countries using large household sample surveys, and has published extensively in various refereed international journals on public health. He has taught courses on Microeconomics, Health Economics and Econometrics
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Articles By Rijo M. John
Taxing tobacco
Posted On: 09 Dec 2014

Topics:   Health

The steep increase in excise taxes on cigarettes in this year’s Union Budget is a welcome move. However, this column argues that unless more commonly consumed bidis are also taxed heavily, the public health objectives of tobacco taxation will go up in smoke.
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