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Sandip Mitra
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Sandip Mitra is an Assistant Professor, at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. His research areas include political economy, financial inclusion, microfinance, poverty, large-scale sample survey, agricultural markets and health economics. He has published in a number of refereed international journals. 

Articles By Sandip Mitra
Middleman margins and market structure in West Bengal potato supply chains
Posted On: 22 Sep 2017

Topics:   Trade , Agriculture
Tags:   West Bengal

Potato farmers in West Bengal sell to local middlemen because they lack direct access to wholesale markets. Middleman margins are large and there is negligible pass-through from wholesale to farm-gate prices. Farmers are uninformed about downstream wholesale and retail prices. This column finds that providing farmers with wholesale price information has negligible average effects on farm-gate sales and revenues, but increases pass-through from wholesale to farm-gate prices.
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Financial inclusion for agricultural growth: An alternative approach
Posted On: 08 Dec 2014

Traditional, group-based microcredit has had limited success at enabling farmers to expand the cultivation of risky but profitable cash crops. Evidence suggests that this is mainly because of its mechanisms for borrower selection and enforcement of repayment. This column proposes a new approach that leverages local intermediaries and aligns their incentives with farmer profits, to generate better outcomes for agricultural production and incomes.
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