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Inayat Sabhikhi
Ministry of Rural Development
Inayat Anaita Sabhikhi is a Project Officer, United Nations Development Programme with the Ministry of Rural Development. She is also associated with the people's campaigns for the right to information, employment guarantee and social security. She received a Masters in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 

Articles By Inayat Sabhikhi
Bringing global evidence into the MNREGA discourse
Posted On: 12 Feb 2016

Tags:   MNREGA

MNREGA – the largest public works programme in the world – completed 10 years this month. In this article, Inayat Anaita Sabhikhi, Project Officer, United Nations Development Programme, at the Ministry of Rural Development, summarises evidence on MNREGA from four recent reports of international and national organisations. She contends that MNREGA’s high global rankings among social security programmes and the positive evidence on its impact should boost efforts to strengthen its implementation.
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Slow and steady: Lessons from MNREGA
Posted On: 10 Nov 2014

Topics:   Political Economy

As the new government in India is considering changes to MNREGA, it is timely to reflect on its implementation trajectory so far. In this note, Adhikari and Sabhikhi discuss five aspects of programme delivery under MNREGA pertaining to management information systems, financial inclusion, fund management, state capacity and participatory planning. In their view, the programme has made massive strides in strengthening public service delivery.
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