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Sunil Jain is Managing Editor, The Financial Express. His weekly column, Rational Expectations, focuses on macroeconomic issues as well as on sectoral areas like infrastructure, and the need for structural solutions as compared to the piecemeal interventions that take place today in areas like power and oil. Over the past several years, Sunil has written extensively on issues such as regulatory capture; giving details of faulty decisions by the telecom and by various electricity regulators across the country, as well as on other policy gaffes such as reservations being contemplated in the education sector and in employment, for minorities and other so-called disadvantaged groups.

Prior to this, Sunil has worked with Business Standard, Indian Express, and India Today magazine. He has a Masters from the Delhi School of Economics.
Sunil has authored two books based on the results of the latest annual household survey by NCAER - The Great Indian Middle Class, which focuses on income levels across the country, and The Great Indian Market, which focuses on the buying behaviour of consumers. His book on the income and expenditure patterns across various caste groups in the country hit the stands in July 2010.

Articles By Sunil Jain
In lieu of the Planning Commission: Part III
Posted On: 25 Sep 2014

In this post, Sunil Jain – Managing Editor, Financial Express – provides his perspective on some of the issues involved in replacing the Planning Commission. In his view, the new body should focus on providing advice on policy issues, and undertaking neutral assessment of government policies in the long run. It should not be involved in allocation of funds across levels of government.
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