Scott Fulford
Boston College
Scott Fulford is an assistant professor of economics and international studies at Boston College. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University in 2009, and graduated from Stanford University in 2002. His work examines the spread of banking in India and education, marriage, and migration patterns in India. He is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston where he studies consumer finance.

Articles By Scott Fulford
Where has all the education in India gone?
Posted On: 18 Sep 2014

Topics:   Education
Tags:   schooling

The average years of education per Indian citizen have significantly increased since independence. This column analyses whether the increase in education has led to higher material wellbeing overall. It finds that the increase in education has produced disappointingly small increases in household consumption. The reason appears to be that very few men and hardly any women are in salary employment where the value of extra education is high.
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