Devashish Mitra
Syracuse University
Devashish Mitra is Professor of Economics and Cramer Professor of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University. He is a Fellow of the CESifo network and of the IZA, and also Research Professor at the Ifo Institute in Munich. He is Coeditor of Economics and Politics, and Associate Editor of the European Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of International Economics, International Review of Economics and Finance and International Journal of Business and Economics. He is also on the editorial boards of the Review of International Economics, ISRN Economics and Economies. His research areas are international trade, political economy and development economics. His current research interests are at the interface of trade and labour. His work has been published in well-known journals like the American Economic Review, Review of Economics & Statistics, Economic Journal, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Development Economics etc. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University.

Articles By Devashish Mitra
Impact of labour regulations on Indian manufacturing performance
Posted On: 13 Mar 2018

In this article, Devashish Mitra analyses structural bottlenecks in the Indian manufacturing sector such as labour market regulations that incentivise capital-intensive production technologies, potentially restricting employment opportunities. He also discusses recent policy changes in this context.

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Does the India-EU trade pact make sense for India? - I
Posted On: 28 Apr 2016

Topics:   Trade
Tags:   EU

During the 13th India-EU Summit in Brussels last month, leaders from both sides welcomed the re-engagement on the stalled India-EU Free Trade Agreement. In this article, Devashish Mitra, Professor of Economics at Syracuse University, argues that this trade pact is not a good idea from India’s point of view, and suggests a few alternatives to the current approach.
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India’s labour laws: Protecting to hurt
Posted On: 14 Jan 2015

Topics:   Jobs

The state government of Rajasthan has begun making amendments to various labour laws in order to make labour markets more flexible. Summarising research on the impact of rigid labour laws on the growth of firms, Devashish Mitra argues that these steps are in the right direction. In his view, all outdated labour laws constraining India’s manufacturing need to be reformed.
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International trade, domestic labour laws and India’s manufacturing sector
Posted On: 22 Sep 2014

Topics:   Jobs , Trade

India has a multitude of restrictive labour laws and these have been found to adversely affect economic performance of manufacturing firms. This column illustrates how the impact of trade liberalisation on the domestic manufacturing sector depends on labour laws. It contends that more flexible labour laws will enable India to compete better in global markets.
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Impact of trade reforms on labour’s share of firm revenues
Posted On: 25 Jul 2014

Topics:   Trade

The decline in labour’s share of national income in recent decades – a potential cause of rising inequality – has coincided with an increase in world trade. This column analyses the impact of trade reforms in India on labour’s share of total revenue at the firm level. It finds that the share of labour has been rising with reforms for small, labour-intensive firms.
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