Martin Kessler
Harvard Kennedy School
Martin Kessler was a research analyst with the Peterson Institute since September 2011 until June 2014, and will start a Master's programme at the Harvard Kennedy School in the Fall. He previously worked as a research assistant for Jean Pisani-Ferry, director of the European think tank Bruegel, and as an economic attaché at the French Embassy in Berlin. He holds a master's degree from the Paris School of Economics.

Articles By Martin Kessler
Is the rupee fairly valued?
Posted On: 27 Aug 2014

Is the rupee fairly valued, and should the RBI allow it to appreciate beyond its current rate? This column analyses new World Bank data and finds that the rupee is persistently undervalued by 30% or more. Given the undervaluation, it is puzzling to note that India runs large, structural current account deficits.
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