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Amit Basole
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Amit Basole is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Duke University. His current areas of research include poverty and malnutrition, the political economy of the informal sector and artisanal industries, and Gandhi’s economic thought.

Articles By Amit Basole
Income inequality in India: Trends from the World Top Incomes Database
Posted On: 31 Aug 2015

Given the lack of reliable wage or asset data, tax returns-based World Top Incomes Database is important for measuring income and wealth inequalities. Analysing the India series of the database, this column find that starting in the 1980s average incomes grew faster than ever before, but that most of the gains went to the super rich. The trends mirror massive shifts in Indian political economy during that period.
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What explains declining calorie consumption in India?
Posted On: 16 Jun 2014

Topics:   Health

It is puzzling to note that while real household expenditures and incomes in rural India have been on the rise, average calorie intake has declined. Analysing data from the National Sample Survey, this column finds that this is an outcome of a food-budget squeeze; rapidly rising expenses on non-food essentials such as cooking fuel are absorbing all the increases in real total expenditures
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