Ivan Cherkashin
Australian National University
Ivan Cherkashin has been a Lecturer (USA equivalent of an Assistant Professor) at the Research School of Economics, College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University since Octobr 2010.
He earned his Doctoral degree in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University in August 2010. He got his  Masters Degree in Economic Theory from New Economic School (2003) and Specialist Degree in Economics (B.A. + 1 year) from the State (Academic) University of Social Sciences in Moscow. 

Besides building up his education he worked as a researcher (consultant) in a number of leading research organisations (example, The World Bank) and as intern in the leading  private sector economic consulting company (Bates White LLC, Washington, DC).

Articles By Ivan Cherkashin
Trade as aid
Posted On: 09 Jun 2014

Topics:   Trade

Preferential or duty/quota-free trade access to developing countries, as a form of foreign aid by developed countries, is considered to have both pros and cons. This column analyses data from Bangladesh’s apparel industry to show that it not only leads to gains for the access granting and access receiving countries, but also trade creation for the rest of the world.
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