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Kanchan Mukherjee
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Kanchan Mukherjee is Professor and Chair of the Centre for Health Policy, Planning and Management at TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Mumbai. Trained at the King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital (Mumbai), London School of Economics (LSE) (UK) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) (US), he brings a unique blend of public health, economics, health systems, and policy perspectives in his teaching. He has a research experience of over 17 years. He is also a faculty expert for evidence to policy translation, and for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme in India.

Articles By Kanchan Mukherjee
Achieving universal health coverage in India: Inefficiency is the problem, not money
Posted On: 19 Dec 2017

Topics:   Global Economy

India has been widely criticised for having one of the world’s lowest public spending on health. In this article, Kanchan Mukherjee contends that even with this minimal expenditure it is possible to achieve universal health coverage. This is because money is not the issue; the crux of the problem is the inefficient way it is spent, which includes misplaced priorities and a lack of evidence-based decision-making.
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