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James Ron
University of Minnesota
James Ron holds the Stassen Chair of International Affairs at University of Minnesota. He is a sociologist and political scientist, jointly appointed to the Department of Political Science and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He joined the University of Minnesota in 2011. James' current research focusses on human rights, NGOs, and public opinion in the global South. He recently concluded polls in India, Mexico, Morocco, and Nigeria, and is writing a book on those findings. In years past, James has published on political violence in the Middle East, former Yugoslavia, Africa, and Latin America; on humanitarian aid; and on the determinants of international human rights reporting. James publishes regularly in scholarly and popular venues. With support from the Ford Foundation and University of Minnesota, James edits openGlobalRights, a multilingual, international forum for rights scholars and practitioners. For more information, please see

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Why governments across the globe are cracking down on civic organisations
Posted On: 21 Dec 2017

Topics:   Political Economy

Dupuy, Ron, and Prakash contend that NGOs need to generate resources from the communities they serve. This will make them accountable to these communities and enhance their legitimacy, and incentivise local communities to step up and protect the civic sector from governmental interference.
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