Thiemo Fetzer
London School of Economics
Thiemo Fetzer is a researcher at London School of Economics and STICERD, working on development economics, political economy and conflict. Before joining LSE, he received his B.Sc. from University of Magdeburg, where he studied Economics, Information Science and Mathematics. His research emphasises the ever expanding technological possibilities for applied microeconomics research through the use of modern computer technology. In particular, his recent applied work focuses on leveraging tools from computer science such as supervised learning and natural language processing to expand the set of feasible research designs.

Articles By Thiemo Fetzer
Can workfare programmes moderate violence?
Posted On: 05 May 2014

Topics:   Conflict
Tags:   MNREGA

It is widely known that income shocks may trigger spurts of violence. This column explores whether workfare programmes can help mitigate support for violent movements. It finds that MNREGA has had a moderating effect on the intensity and incidence of terrorist violence in India, through the provision of more stable incomes - even for those who do not directly participate in the programme.
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