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Dr Uma Lele, an independent scholar and development economist, is currently writing a book tentatively titled “Can International Institutions Help Transform Food and Agriculture in a Radically Changed World?”.  She has a Ph.D. from Cornell University and four decades of experience in research, operations, policy analysis, and evaluation in the World Bank, universities and international organisations. Among her notable works are Food Grain Marketing in India: Private Performance and Public Policy (1973), The Design of Rural Development: Lessons from Africa (1976), Managing Agricultural Development in Africa (1991), Transitions in Development: From Aid to Capital Flows (1991), Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture: The World Bank's Role in Assisting Borrower and Member Countries (1999), and Managing a Global Resource: Challenges of Forest Conservation and Development (2002). She has also written papers on Agricultural Productivity Growth and Structural Transformation, and on the changing roles of forests and 

Articles By Uma Lele
The nutrition puzzles: Need for more holistic solutions
Posted On: 28 Apr 2014

Topics:   Health , Agriculture

In this column, the author critiques the approach of only focusing on nutrition and health sector-related solutions for achieving food security. She calls for more holistic approaches that take into account the various contextual factors that influence food and nutrition outcomes for the majority of the undernourished, such as food production and systems, agricultural policies, food and beverage industry, sanitation, and the extent of social inclusion in government programmes and in the society at large.
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