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Anubha Dhasmana
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Anubha Dhasmana is currently working as a faculty of economics at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. She did her doctoral studies in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. She worked with the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC during 2007-2008, and has done assignments with the L.A. Times newspaper. Her research and teaching interests include International Macroeconomics, Applied Macroeconomics and Development. 

Articles By Anubha Dhasmana
How exchange rate changes impact Indian manufacturing firms
Posted On: 02 Apr 2014

After falling to its lifetime low of 68.85 against the dollar in August last year, the Rupee has now appreciated to breach the 60-per-dollar mark. This column explores the impact of currency movements on the performance of Indian manufacturing firms. It finds that in the short run, real exchange rate movements have a significant impact on firm performance through changes in import costs, rather than changes in export competitiveness.
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