Pushparaj Deshpande
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Educated at the Doon School, St. Stephen's College, and the University of Oxford, Pushparaj Deshpande has worked on legislation and policy with various members of Parliament, a government committee, a political consulting firm and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. He is currently the head of research at Rajya Sabha Television. 

Articles By Pushparaj Deshpande
Governance by ordinance
Posted On: 17 Mar 2014

Topics:   Political Economy
Tags:   democracy

The UPA government recently explored taking the ordinance route to promulgate six anti-corruption bills. This article traces the shift from the post-Independence culture of healthy parliamentary debate in India, to ordinance-making powers becoming a procedural device to pass bills without debate. In the interest of a well-functioning democracy, it emphasises the need for the Legislature to engage in debate on legislation, and for the Executive to moderate its ordinance-making powers.
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Re-conceptualising crime and punishment
Posted On: 26 Feb 2014

Topics:   Crime

A Delhi court has awarded the death penalty to the convicts in the December 2012 gangrape incident. This article discusses the moral basis and dangers of relying on this form of punishment for deterring crime and providing justice. It proposes an approach that focuses on effective policing and law enforcement for crime prevention, together with measures of restitution for both the offender and the victim.
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