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Chandan Kumar Jha
Le Moyne College

Chandan Kumar Jha is a doctoral candidate in Economics at Louisiana State University where he received his M.S. in Economics in 2012. Before joining LSU, he worked as an Academic Intern at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore for a year. He has an M.A. in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics and B.A. in Economics from Magadh University. He was awarded the University Grants Commission – National Eligibility Test certificate in Economics in 2010. His research interests include development and experimental economics with special emphasis on corruption, gender and caste issues. In addition, he frequently writes on the economics behind social issues. Several of his works on current developments have been published in the popular press such as the Hindu Business Line.

Articles By Chandan Kumar Jha
Can social media and internet help reduce corruption?
Posted On: 07 Oct 2014

Topics:   Corruption
Tags:   bribes

The extensive use of social media was a key factor in the success of the anti-corruption movement in India in 2011. This column uses cross-country data to explore the role of social media and internet in reducing corruption and promoting transparency in government. It finds that the use of social media and internet is associated with lower levels of corruption across countries.
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Do women in power have an impact on corruption?
Posted On: 21 May 2014

Tags:   bribes

The recently elected 16th Lok Sabha of India will have a record number of 61 women parliamentarians. This column assesses whether women in the labour force or positions of power can have an impact on corruption. Analysing data from over 125 countries, it finds that women can reduce corruption but only in policymaking positions. They can do so via policies and not because they are necessarily less corrupt.
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Rape: The shame of a nation
Posted On: 21 Feb 2014

Topics:   Gender , Crime

The proliferating number of rape incidents in India is chilling. This column discusses the various perspectives on the causes of rape, and the economic, social and legal factors that play a role in the high incidence of this crime in the country. It suggests taking steps to increase the cost of rapes for the perpetrators.
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