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Jishnu Das
World Bank
Jishnu Das is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group (Human Development and Public Services Team) at The World Bank and a Visiting Fellow at The Center for Policy Research, New Delhi. Jishnu’s work focuses on the delivery of basic services, particularly health and education. His recent research focuses on child learning, the quality of health care, mental health, information and trust and, in 2011 he was part of the core team on the World Development Report on Gender and Development. He received the George Bereday Award from the Comparative and International Education Society and the Stockholm Challenge Award for the best ICT project in the public administration category in 2006 .

Articles By Jishnu Das
A letter to Oxfam: Reframing the questions around private-sector healthcare
Posted On: 29 Sep 2017

Topics:   Health
Tags:   healthcare

A 2009 Oxfam paper puts forth the view that scaling-up private healthcare provision is very unlikely to deliver high-quality care to the poor. Commenting on the paper, Jishnu Das contends that while it is right to argue for investments that improve public healthcare and build State capacity, we will not get there by demonising the private sector.
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India’s informal doctors: Assets, not crooks
Posted On: 13 Jun 2016

Topics:   Health

Informal healthcare providers are the most common, and sometimes the only source of healthcare, in much of rural India. In this article, Jishnu Das of the World Bank argues that informal providers should be trained and their impact evaluated to see if it improves healthcare for poor people.
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Some thoughts on paternalism in poverty programmes
Posted On: 23 Dec 2013

“…it is pretty ironic the number of conversations I have had with development people about the poor and their drinking - over drinks.” – Paul Niehaus.
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