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Jayan Jose Thomas
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Jayan Jose Thomas is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, where he has been employed since July 2010. His previous academic positions were at the National University of Singapore, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Madras School of Economics, and Central University of Kerala. He received his B. Tech. in Industrial Engineering from Kerala University and Ph.D. in Development Economics from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. Jayan’s research has dealt with various aspects of Indian development, especially issues related to labour, industrialization and the macroeconomy. He has worked extensively using Indian data sources, conducted field studies, and also worked with archival material. His research papers have appeared in journals including World Development, Development and Change and Economic and Political Weekly. Jayan teaches courses on Macroeconomics, Indian Economy and International Economics. He also contributes articles to media outlets, including the Hindu and Livemint.

Articles By Jayan Jose Thomas
Can India beat this slowdown?
Posted On: 24 Feb 2016

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has cautioned the government against seeking to generate economic growth by increasing public spending and hence, adding to the fiscal deficit. In this article, Jayan Jose Thomas, Associate Professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, puts forth the view that the only engine that can pull the Indian economy forward at the moment is government expenditure.
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Losing one half of India’s demographic dividend
Posted On: 21 Apr 2014

The working-age population in India is set to increase by more than 200 million over the next two decades. This column contends that India may fail to reap the benefits of this demographic dividend because of the extremely low rates of female participation in the workforce. There is a need for growth in job opportunities in high productivity sectors such as industry and services, particularly for women.
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The crisis in Indian manufacturing
Posted On: 13 Dec 2013

Topics:   Economic Growth , Jobs

Manufacturing sector growth in India has fallen from over 9% to a dismal 1% in the past couple of years. This article discusses the factors that have caused a slowdown in organised and unorganised manufacturing. It contends that inadequate credit and infrastructure are key constraints, and the fate of the sector hinges on greater domestic investment and well-directed industrial policies.
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