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Smriti Sharma
Smriti Sharma is a research fellow at World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) in Helsinki, Finland. Her research interests are in behavioural economics, development economics, and labour economics. Her research focusses on the importance of behavioural traits and socio-emotional skills as both predictors and outcomes in the process of economic development. She also works on topics related to caste and gender-based discrimination. She holds a Ph.D. degree in economics from the Delhi School of Economics (DSE).

Articles By Smriti Sharma
Peer influence and human capital accumulation: Evidence from Delhi University colleges
Posted On: 07 Nov 2017

Topics:   Education

College is an important milestone in life that is believed to develop several aspects of an individual's human capital, broadly defined to include both cognitive and socio-emotional traits. Consequently, there is great emphasis on obtaining admission into a more selective college. This column draws upon data from Delhi University to examine the returns to enrolling in a more selective college.
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Entrepreneurship or survival? Caste and gender of small business in India
Posted On: 23 Sep 2013

Topics:   Caste , Gender

Can entrepreneurship be a vehicle for social mobility in India? This column analyses data from micro, small and medium enterprises, and finds clear and persistent caste and gender disparities in virtually all enterprise characteristics in the sector. It makes a case for concerted policy action to correct historical caste-based inequalities.
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