Bhaskar Dutta
University of Warwick
Bhaskar Dutta is Professor of Economics, University of Warwick and Distinguished Visiting Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. His main research interests are mechanism design, strategic formation of coalitions and networks, social choice theory and political economy. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and has also served on the Council of the Society. He is Joint Managing Editor of Social Choice and Welfare, and Advisory Editor of Games and Economic Behavior.

Articles By Bhaskar Dutta
Union Budget 2018: Some hits, some misses
Posted On: 09 Feb 2018

In this article, Bhaskar Dutta critically analyses the Union Budget for 2018-19 in terms of announcements for the rural and agricultural sector, healthcare, and manufacturing, and implications for fiscal consolidation.
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How do Indian voters respond to candidates with criminal charges: Evidence from Lok Sabha elections
Posted On: 30 Jul 2012

Tags:   democracy

An alarming number of India’s politicians have criminal records or some charges against them. This column asks how they manage to get away with it. It looks at evidence from parliamentary elections in 2009 and suggests that while voters dislike crooked politicians, the amount these politicians spend on their campaigns do a good job of hiding the truth.
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