Sahana Roy Chowdhury
Sahana Roy Chowdhury is working as a Fellow at the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), New Delhi. In the past she worked as an Economist in the Monetary Research Project Division of ICRA Limited, India. Sahana received her M.S.(Q.E.) and Ph.D. from Indian Statistical Institute. 

Her area of interest is broadly development economics and labour economics; inequality and poverty, labour market issues: occupational choice, migration and unemployment, and the informal economy. In her Ph.D. she studied how inequality of an economy plays deterministic role in economic performances such as pattern of migration, occupational choice, process of industrialisation etc. She is presently involved in the project ‘Climate Change and the Economic Competitiveness of Cities: Making the Business Case for Adaptation’ funded by Rockefeller, where she is in the role of studying the livelihood component of competitiveness of cities which involves migration, slums and spatial growth pattern of the vulnerable population, and how climate change affects these. She has published journal articles in the areas migration, education and informal sector. 

Articles By Sahana Roy Chowdhury
Recession and child labour: The poverty link revisited
Posted On: 01 Jul 2013

While poverty is believed to be the main cause behind child labour, higher poverty is not seen to be associated with higher child work participation rates across Indian states. This column explores the impact of recessionary income shocks on the decision of parents to send their child to work, and finds that recession exacerbates child labour only in regions with a higher cost of living.
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