Matin Qaim
University of Goettingen
Matin Qaim is Professor of International Food Economics and Rural Development at the University of Goettingen, Germany. Before, he had research and teaching positions at the Universities of Hohenheim, Bonn, Kiel, and California at Berkeley. He holds a doctoral degree in agricultural economics from the University of Bonn. His main research areas relate to the economics of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition, and to technological and institutional change in the small farm sector of developing countries.
Articles By Matin Qaim
The role of Bt cotton in improving food security
Posted On: 24 Jun 2013

Topics:   Agriculture

The role of genetically modified crops in the fight against hunger remains disputed. The debate primarily focuses on whether or not these crops can contribute to sustainable increases in food production. However, food security is not only a question of production, but also of economic and social access to food. This column summarises research showing that the adoption of genetically modified cotton has improved food security among Indian smallholder farmers.
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