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Zoya Saher
University of Surrey
Zoya Saher is a Ph.D. candidate in finance at the University of Surrey. Her primary research interests are regulations and corporate finance decisions especially in emerging markets. Her recent research focusses on the impact of Clause 49 regulations in India on corporate capital structure, effects of historical land reforms on corporate investment in India, effects of managerial remuneration codes on corporate debt in the United Kingdom. She holds a Masters degree in finance from Queen Mary University of London and a B.A. in economics from Delhi University.

Articles By Zoya Saher
Land acquisition and corporate investment: Legacy of historical land ceiling legislations?
Posted On: 23 Apr 2017

Topics:   Land

Firms in India often find it difficult to purchase land, resulting in projects being delayed, relocated, or cancelled. Analysing firm- and state-level data, this column explores the impact of post-independence land reforms – especially those related to land ceilings - on corporate investment in the country.
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