Sarah Chan
Nanyang Technological University
Sarah Chan is completing her Ph.D. studies at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Previously she was a senior economist at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and a researcher at both the NTU and East Asian Institute (EAI). Her research interests include macroeconomic developments in East Asia, particularly on issues relating to trade and investment, as well as economic policy analysis. Her works have appeared in book chapters and international peer-reviewed or refereed journals like the Asian Survey, Asia Pacific Business Review, East Asia: An International Quarterly, and China: An International Journal. She has also explored business management issues such as the interplay between business and politics in China, in a case study project commissioned by the Trade and Industry Ministry on the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park.

Articles By Sarah Chan
Long term recovery of the Indian economy depends on reforms
Posted On: 24 Apr 2013

The Indian economy has been facing challenges in the form of sluggish growth, high inflation, and rising fiscal and current account deficits. This column highlights trends in the economic conditions, and outlines policy actions and reforms needed to put the economy back on track.
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