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Ashwini Kumar Swain
Centre for Energy, Environment & Resources

Ashwini K Swain is the Director of Centre for Energy, Environment & Resources (CEER), New Delhi. Earlier, he has worked for CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition, Agence Françaisede Développement, BBC Media Action, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of York. His current research looks into electricity policy and governance, and agricultural resource use in India. His other work includes examining the interface between energy service needs and climate mitigation goals, and emerging energy-climate governance architecture in India. In the past, he has studied the policy process, regulation, and governance in the Indian electricity sector. He also works on political economy of regulation and the rise of the ‘regulatory state’ in India, with a focus on infrastructure. Dr Swain holds a Ph.D. in Politics from University of York and M.Phil. and M.A. degrees in Political Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University. 

Articles By Ashwini Kumar Swain
Indian agriculture: How to feed more people with fewer resources
Posted On: 05 Jul 2016

While agriculture in India has achieved grain self-sufficiency, it has become cereal-centric, regionally-biased and resource-intensive. In this article, Swain, Price and Sharma discuss the rising resource intensity in Indian agriculture and its implications for agricultural sustainability, productivity and future food production. They explore government initiatives to address the situation and suggest a strategy to increase production with fewer resources.
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In pursuit of low-carbon electricity
Posted On: 06 Sep 2013

Topics:   Environment

The policy debate on low-carbon energy often tends to focus solely on setting targets. This column argues that the State’s capacity to meet targets and the strategies followed to build the required capacity are equally important. Meeting the targets requires creative manoeuvres such as involving and incentivising market players to participate.
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Low-carbon development in Indian agriculture: A missed opportunity?
Posted On: 12 Apr 2013

The agricultural sector is the largest contributor of Greenhouse Gases in India. Yet, it has not received due importance in India’s climate change mitigation strategy. This column says that India must prioritise the agriculture sector for domestic climate change mitigation if it is serious about its voluntary commitment to reduce the carbon intensity of its GDP by 20-25% of the 2005 level by 2020.
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