Shri Vallabh Goyal
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Shri Goyal is currently employed as a Senior Vice President with Reliance Industries Limited for the last 15 years and has been responsible at a senior position for its Polymer division. In 2006, he was assigned to head the business development of Industrial Enclaves in Haryana, and is currently  Director on the Board of Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited that has invested over Rs 4,500 Crores. Under his leadership, the company has generated significant employment opportunities and undertaken skill development and educational programmes, to convert one of the industrially backward areas of the state into a sought after investment destination.

He has a rich experience in varied disciplines such as finance, legal and taxation and has worked with leading Indian groups.  He was Chairman NIRC of ICSI as well as  Kanpur Chapter of NIRC of ICSI for three years.  
Shri Goyal recognises that the Indian Agrarian Society will have to walk hand in hand with the Industry and take upon itself mantle of converting into an Industrially developed Society. His passion is to enable education and health for all. In this area, he has significantly contributed towards the provision of education and primary health facilities in villages in the Jhajjar and Gurgaon districts of Haryana.

Articles By Shri Vallabh Goyal
The Land Acquisition Bill
Posted On: 26 Apr 2013

Topics:   Land

Will the new Land Acquisition Bill make protests like those in Singur and Bhatta-Parsaul a thing of the past? Will it make land acquisition so expensive and difficult that the pace of industrialisation will suffer? Will it achieve justice? Development? Neither? Experts from academia and industry examine a piece of legislation that is likely to have far reaching consequences for the future of the country.
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