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Arka Roy Chaudhuri
Indian Statistical Insitute, Delhi Centre
Arka Roy Chaudhuri is a Ph.D. candidate in the Economics Department of University of British Columbia. He completed his undergraduate studies from Presidency College, Kolkata and his Master's from the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. His research interests include gender and caste discrimination and the long-term economic consequences of colonialism in India. Arka has also worked on food security issues and the relationship between economic reforms and poverty reduction in India. His present research focuses on the evolution of economic differences between Hindus and Muslims in the last two decades in India.

Articles By Arka Roy Chaudhuri
The perplexing case of Gujarat
Posted On: 07 Apr 2014

Topics:   Economic Growth
Tags:   Gujarat

The common perception is that Gujarat has performed a lot better than the rest of India in terms of development, particularly in the past decade. This column demonstrates that while Gujarat has been among the top performing states in terms of output growth, the fast growth has not translated into meaningful development in the state.
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Why is poverty declining so slowly in India?
Posted On: 25 Feb 2013

Despite two decades of fast growth of per capita GDP, India has experienced a very slow decline in poverty. The column suggests that this disconnect between GDP growth and poverty decline can largely be attributed to the positive feedback emanating from a skill biased growth pattern.
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