Imran Rasul
University College London
Imran Rasul obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the LSE in 2003. He is now a Professor at University College London, co-director of the Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and research co-director of the Human Capital Research Group of the International Growth Centre. His research interests include labour, development and public economics and his work has been published in leading journals such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Econometrica and the Review of Economic Studies. He is a co-managing editor of the Review of Economic Studies journal. He was awarded the 2007 IZA Young Economist Prize, the 2008 CESIfo Distinguished Affiliate Award, and an ERC-starter grant in 2012.

Articles By Imran Rasul
Creating entrepreneurs: A big new idea in development
Posted On: 07 Jan 2013

Can the world’s poorest people become entrepreneurs? This column outlines results from an evaluation of the Ultra Poor programme in Bangladesh, a scheme that the NGO behind it claims is a staggering success.
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