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Ashwini Kulkarni
Pragati Abhiyan
Ashwini Kulkarni belongs to the Civil Society organisation Pragati Abhiyan based in Nashik. She has been associated with rural poverty related programmes for two decades. Pragati Abhiyan works with tribal villages of Nashik district and is also involved in research and policy work.

Articles By Ashwini Kulkarni
The state of the economy and mass perception
Posted On: 19 May 2017

In this article, Ashwini Kulkarni of NGO Pragati Abhiyan contends that the media should tap into the knowledge of practitioners that are familiar with the ground realities of social sector schemes – rather than those outside the sector - with regard to budget-related and other discussions on the sector. This will help provide the masses with a real picture of the developmental problems plaguing the economy.
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Four key administrative reforms to strengthen MNREGA
Posted On: 17 Mar 2016

In this article, Ashwini Kulkarni of NGO Pragati Abhiyan, discusses four key administrative reforms that can strengthen the implementation of MNREGA, and enable the programme to fulfill its objectives more effectively.

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How a corruption scam brought MNREGA to a standstill in Nanded
Posted On: 28 Jan 2016

Topics:   Corruption , Jobs

Nanded district in Maharashtra demonstrated exemplary performance in MNREGA until 2012-13, when the exposure of a corruption scam brought the programme to a virtual standstill. In this note, researchers from the NGO Pragati Abhiyan show how the manner in which the incident was dealt with discouraged local authorities from actively implementing MNREGA and hence, adversely affected villagers that had earlier benefitted from the programme.
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Assessing the quality and usefulness of MNREGA assets in Maharashtra
Posted On: 05 Dec 2014

Questions have been raised regarding the quality and usefulness of assets created under MNREGA. To examine the validity of the scepticism, this column reports results from a study of MNREGA assets in Maharashtra. While the assets are largely found to be useful and durable, the study suggests that greater attention to design and maintenance, and local participation in the decision-making process can lead to further improvement.
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Is the proposed restructuring of MNREGA desirable?
Posted On: 20 Oct 2014

Tags:   MNREGA

The rural development ministry plans to restrict MNREGA to the 200 most backward districts, and reduce the wage component of the total expenditure of the programme. In this article, Ashwini Kulkarni - a member of the National Consortium of Civil Society Organisations working on MNREGA - argues against the proposed changes.
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In lieu of the Planning Commission: Part V
Posted On: 09 Oct 2014

In this post, Ashwini Kulkarni, who works with the NGO Pragati Abhiyan in the state of Maharashtra, provides her perspective on some of the issues involved in replacing the Planning Commission. In her view, an institution such as the Planning Commission that is outside of the government ministries but committed to the government, has an important crosscutting role and should be given a statutory status.
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Cash Transfers – through the postal system or the banks?
Posted On: 20 Dec 2012

The central government has announced the conversion of 29 poverty schemes to Direct Cash Transfers. Should this be implemented through banks or the postal system? This article assesses the pros and cons, and recommends experimenting with different systems.
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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: is it working?
Posted On: 29 Nov 2012

MNREGA is one of the government´s largest flagship schemes, and is the largest job creation programme of its kind in the world. Supporters believe that it is necessary to help rural workers smooth income in times of distress and increase labour market access for marginalised groups, whereas critics argue that it is taking labour from the troubled agricultural sector and doing more harm than good. What does the evidence really tell us - is MNREGA working or would resources be better spent elsewhere?
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