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Abhirup Sarkar | Ideas for India

Abhirup Sarkar
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Abhirup Sarkar obtained his bachelor's degree in economics from Presidency College, Calcutta, India and a Masters from the University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India. He did his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, USA and has spent most of his academic career at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. He has also taught and researched at various other places in India and abroad including the University of Florida, USA, Brigham Young University, USA, Concordia University, Canada, International Centre for Economic Research, Italy, and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. The primary areas of his research interest are international trade and economic development. Apart from contributing to scholarly journals, he regularly writes popular pieces in dailies and periodicals. He is the Chairman of the Fourth State Finance Commission of West Bengal, the Chairman of West Bengal Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation, Vice Chairman of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, a member of the West Bengal State Planning Board and a past member of the Group of Advisors to the Union Finance Minister on G20 matters.

Articles By Abhirup Sarkar
Emergence of Bandhan as a bank: A new era in the Indian banking industry
Posted On: 27 Aug 2015

Topics:   Finance

At a time when the Indian banking industry is experiencing a steep rise in bad loans, Bandhan – an MFI with a near 100% loan recovery rate – has converted into a bank. Based on a survey of 112 Bandhan clients in West Bengal, this column highlights the features of Bandhan’s lending model that have enabled it to keep its bad loans at negligible levels.
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The Land Acquisition Bill
Posted On: 26 Apr 2013

Topics:   Land

Will the new Land Acquisition Bill make protests like those in Singur and Bhatta-Parsaul a thing of the past? Will it make land acquisition so expensive and difficult that the pace of industrialisation will suffer? Will it achieve justice? Development? Neither? Experts from academia and industry examine a piece of legislation that is likely to have far reaching consequences for the future of the country.
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