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The land aquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement bill introduced in parliament is horrible. It assumes that all the development projects are bad, because it displaces people. With this new bill, every new land aquisition will become a nightmare as it will introduce more redtape. This will delay all the industralization projects. 

At present, when we need take some steps to boost the confidence of foriegn investors and to imporve the economic status of our country, we are actually going backward and doing exactly opposite. 
God knows, when our politicians will raise above this pitty vote-bank politics and do something credible for this country....
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Vikas Suryan , XLRI 25/08/2013 19:40:44

I belong to bokaro district in jharkhand, and I have been exposed to the issue of Rehabilitation and resettlement right from my childhood days. i very strongly feel that even this new policy might just be a wild goose chase. I have not seen any short of fair compensation, rehabilitation forget about resettlement.
I am not against development, but we need to really reflect on the fundamentals of this phenomenon and have to really come out with answers to question like development at what cost.
the citizenry has a belief that their elected political executives will be acting as a sound regulators when it comes to taking decisions for their commonweal but history is replete with instances when the community has been seen in isolation when it comes to reaping benefits out the land which was erstwhile possessed by the community. they become part of the scheme of things as long as their land id to be acquired and the moment the govt. get through this phase, the community is out of the plan.
the words like fair, compensation, gram sabha are really very fanciful and how best they have been or will be translated into reality at the grassroots is not unknown to us.

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RAJESH KUMAR , AKRSP(I) 19/10/2013 14:59:48

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