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Thank you for this. I am sharing an essay I had written last year.

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24/03/2014 06:28:17

Data in Table 2 & Table 1 are identical. It can't be the case. Needs to be corrected. Rijo John.

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Rijo John , India 24/03/2014 10:29:25

@Rijo: Thanks for pointing out. There are some technical issues because of which the formatting is not appearing correctly at the moment (text of the initial paragraphs is merging into the right-hand margins). Trying to fix asap!

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24/03/2014 11:56:27

It seems there are some formatting issues that makes the article difficult to read. While that is being fixed, here is a link to the original piece: Rijo Jon: the two tables are different as far as I can see. The first has to do with rank in terms of per capita state NSDP and the second has to do with growth rate of that. Regards, Maitreesh Ghatak

24/03/2014 11:58:21

@ Rijo, Prof. Ghatak: Earlier this morning, the same image was showing under Table 1 and Table 2. It has been fixed now. Apologies for the confusion. The technical team is currently working on the formatting issues.

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24/03/2014 12:10:51

@Ghatak: I was seeing the same image under tables 1 & 2 today morning when I read it. But it has now been corrected and I can see the correct tables. By the way, excellent article and a timely one indeed.

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Rijo John , India 24/03/2014 12:51:01

Dear Readers, The formatting issues for this column have now been fixed. If the column is still not appearing correctly for you, please clear cache on your browser (Ctrl + Shift + N) and open the website again after doing so. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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25/03/2014 22:18:45

Excellent article! There is a massive hype about a mythical model that isn´t! It is time the public are given the real information about it. May we expect an analysis of Kerala´s worsening inequality?

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25/03/2014 23:57:43

Excellent and timely analysis. Sets the record straight - stripping away the myth and hyperbole to reveal the unadulterated facts Could the webmaster please make a small tweak to the hyperlink for the social media (Facebook share) button. This currently points to the comments section of the article and puts out the specific comment text when sharing the page.

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27/03/2014 03:47:10

@Rehan: Thanks for pointing out. Will get this fixed.

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27/03/2014 10:27:29

When we take revenue, which is crucial factor in determining many things, i feel all other states include revenue from Liquor where as Gujarat revenue is heatly revenue (if at all the prohibition on liquor is 100% correct), in that angle cant Gujarat be treated as a healthy revenue?

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Avanish Srivatsav 02/04/2014 13:00:22

Indian economy have changed positively from past 15 years (bother under NDA and UPA) and it is reflected in all the economic indicators. The gap between have's and have not's have increased multifold, however the "trickle-down" effect and social spending has lifted millions above poverty. But myths about certain development model has to be busted. See A similar write-up in

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11/04/2014 14:31:38

@Amruth, How can Indians have been lifted from poverty when Indians hungrieer than 40 years ago? India is surviving on less food than it did four decades ago The Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India: An Empirical Investigation Poverty has increased during period of economic growth, says economist

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13/04/2014 11:44:22

Abki baar modi sarkar

24/04/2014 14:00:25

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