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ASER is doing a good job. But it's work is only analytical. ASER reports show only problems. Is ASER ready to find out the causes behind all these problems? In one of the interview which I watched on TV, ASER representative said that to find out causes behind poor performance of education is not our job. We collect only statistical data. Then what is the use of all this data. There is a need to deeply understand the reality of education-especially primary education. ASER reports don't blame teachers. But anyone can easily misguided by reading all this information and will try to blame the teachers for their poor performance. Why we don't think thoroughly? Has anyone sit with a government primary teacher and discussed (not asked) with him/her about daily activities, children's poor attendance, lack of proper training, bureaucratic implementation, parents negligence and about lot of other topics. We generally assume that teachers roll is only to teach. When we are going to take participation of the teachers in policy making. Their is no motivation for teachers. Time consuming, dull, bureaucratic administrative works, parents negligence, lack of guidance, poor training, society's defamatory remarks makes good teacher vulnerable. Look at Finland. Enthusiastic, highly qualified, well trained teachers is the big force behind Finland's educational achievements. And what we find in India? Only 12th grade passed teachers are selected for D. Ed. (Diploma In Education for primary teacher). Where is Educational Psychology? Has our teachers have good knowledge of Child Psychology? I don't know about other states but in Maharashtra some of the primary teachers (Who are selected for D. Ed. on 10th and 12th grades marks which are assumed as being meritorious and are working in governments schools) now thinks that why they came in this field? Why they didn't study further and became lawyer, professor, engineer? This is the reality. If there are meritorious teachers then why we see all this backdrop? There is need to change all the Education System. We have to change from bottom to top and top to bottom all the Education System in India. RTE is only a remedy. It is the medicine only for the symptoms. Are our policymakers ready to build a new Education System?

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18/05/2014 11:06:33

This article shows the reality behind the public primary schools.If we see very critically to the situation behind it,then we will came to an conclusion of mismanagement,irregularities and non-monitoring of our school education system.There is large contrast between private and public schools.And private sector always has been taken care of quality of education although they work behind profit motive.So,there is a need of proper efforts on management should be taken on education status to fulfill the agendas of RTE Act 2009.

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31/01/2015 10:55:28

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