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For one the Supreme Court has only passed an interim order on use of Aadhaar pending full hearing of the case so lets not read the judgement out of context, it is a yet a pointer to nothing. Jean Drez despite being an academic is quoting anecdotal incidents and speaking out of authority rather than facts. Reetika is also entirely selective in what she opines on Aadhaar. As someone closely involved with testing Aadhaar authentication amongst others in Jharkhand and Ratu Block here is the offer if empirically we prove Jean Dreze is speaking out of his head is he willing to shut up? Finally the surveillance ghost is a figment of imagination like all ghost stories. Can information technology be used for surveillance, yes it can. Is that a reason to shun it, one can have an opinion. Can Aadhaar be misused, yes it can. Has it been misused as yet, no. Should there be impediments to misuse, yes. We've never heard Reetika and Jean Drez talk of solutions, so when they highlight problems a pinch salt is a good measure to gulp them down! Apologies if I sound offensive, I've debated some of these guys on public forums, provided answers and offered solutions but they keep playing the same record.

malonetta opkast malonetta cilest malonetta virkning

ashok pal singh , India 03/05/2016 02:16:39

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