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The suggestions of the authors are broadly in conformity with the recommendations of successive central and state finance commissions. Unfortunately there has been little or no progress on this score. On the other hand we have instances of reversal of whatever little financial autonomy had existed earlier, as exemplified by the authors by citing the instance of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Since local bodies are in the state list of the Constitution,generally the states are blamed for failures in decentralization. What is not generally taken into account while discussing decentralisation is that all development initiative in this country are being increasingly centralised with very little resistance from the powers that be. With each new centrally sponsored scheme comes a prastatal organisation at all levels of of government, which nibbles away the powers and responsibilities constitutionally assigned to the local bodies. I remember that the present Prime Minister had even admitted this in a meeting with the State Panchayat Minister's way back in June 2004 and said, "Before we set this right in the center we can not be asking the states to do so". Apparently very little has been done to stem the tide of ever increasing tide of centrally sponsored schemes as is evident from the B.K.Chaturvedi Committee report. I guess decentralisation is not just about what the states allow the local bodies to do. It is also about what the center allows the states to do. We can't have one without the other.

mildin 100 stk mildin virker ikke mildin 90

03/03/2014 12:09:34

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