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Very well written. Totally agree with the fact that openly defecating affects health of a child and mortality. But, it is not wise to forget other factors related child mortality [i.e. prematurity,pneumonia,intrapartum-related complications, asphyxia, diarrhea,malaria etc.].

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27/08/2014 19:33:10

What the writer found out in his research work is obviously supported by facts and figures and well accepted. But it may not be same for all over our country. Existence as well as usage of sanitation facility, proper or otherwise, is difficult to differentiate one from another in respect of religion in all parts of India. It is a subject to be verified and needed more research works. The fact of lack of interest in latrine use affects child mortality is really true and agreed without any doubt.

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27/08/2014 21:13:53

Thank You for providing such fantastic research data and highlighting the ever neglected ( basically in rural India)issue like effect of open defecation in health & mortality of infants & child. It not only affects the health of infants & child but extends its effect in adults also. Obviously it shares a big percentage towards the mortality of the infants, child & adults. But when we discuss its effect in the perspective of Hindu & Muslim Communities, it is not the right time to honestly speak that the major cause that is responsible for the difference in child mortality in Hindu & Muslim Communities is open defecation only. I think it requires many studies about the basic Socio-economic practises, Geo-biological atmosphere and others like food, sanitary & hygine habits continium to find out the actual cause of those difference. Again Thank You for Your noble effort.

27/08/2014 22:23:43

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