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Mere lip service to smarter strategies; no clue in the article about how to achieve any of the general and age-old prescriptions to alleviate poverty in India (at least land-reform and getting rid of caste-system are mentioned by this author, so that's very mature). India poses the greatest challenge in alleviating poverty as it has very layered narratives that rationalize any outlandish take on life, and hence people's mind (even subconsciously) can come up with outlandish reasons not to change. Capable people like this esteemed professor and the ones like him have to leave their ears on the ground and be among people rather than fly in like migratory birds--that can't bring about changes that they are "hugely" capable to usher in India (and for that they have to learn to be humble--as it would allow them to slip under recalcitrant minds--and be like an idiotic among people to help them see the ways to critically evaluate things around them.

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29/07/2013 09:35:17

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