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This is an excellent piece on benefits of GM crops based on diverse sources of research work in the area. It would be ideal if authors could highlight what are the key concerns of the opponents to GM crops -- especially the effects of GM food crops and GM non-food crops on human and non-human beings in the longer term and how these concerns are being or should be addressed? There is much misinformation about this topic in India and around the world. The Ideas for India would do a great public service if it helps bring out the key resolved and unresolved issues about GM crops and what should be the interim approach of the scientific community to the development and introduction of GM varieties of food and non-food crops across regions generally and in India in particular.

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29/06/2013 17:23:51

In india, the opponenents of GM crops are not amenable to logic and rational thinking. Opposing GM Tech is their creed and religion, so NO AURGUMENTS, FULSTOP.

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SUBHASH ATHALE , India 01/07/2013 15:05:55

Is the increase of 74 kcal per person per day a significant increase? What are the health benefits (as assessed by some independent measure of health) of increased calorie consumption resulting from Bt cotton? For instance, do children perform better at school, are there reduced instances of illness, etc.?

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Navaneethan Santhanam , United States 06/07/2013 08:09:37

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