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A few thoughts from the perspective of the Swiss system of vocational training: - The willingness to increase professional skills can be developed / hindered during previous formal education. Hence a school system needs to validate and encourage later vocational training. In Switzerland, it is common knowledge and expectation that the obligatory nine years of schooling will in most cases be followed by 3-4 years of vocational training. - Vocational training and continuous schooling need to be combined. In Switzerland, vocational training is often done during 4 days of the week and supplemented by 1 day per week of continued formal schooling that relates directly to the vocational skills being learned. - A multiyear vocational training course does not guarantee employment, but it does provide marketable skills to the learner, and a trained and known applicant pool to the employer who provides the training. Trainees do not receive full salaries, but about 15-35% of a fully trained employee, depending on how far along they are in their training.

Ruedi G , Switzerland 26/03/2013 01:04:36

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