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The article gives valuable insight to the issues of migrant children in brick kilns. Commendable work indeed. In addition to the references of sporadic intervention by NGOs in the delivery mode of services, it is more important bring the plight of migrant children to the notice of government agencies an departments. This is more important in light of the promises made to children through the Right to Education Act. NGOs should work towards making formal schools in work sites to be sensitized and empowered to provide education to migrant children in their mother tongue. They should work in ensuring that the children are provided transfer certificates while leaving the work sites - which will enable them to continue education in their domicile villages. Coverage of ICDS service has rarely been extended inside kilns which is a crunch area. Duty bearers should be sensitized on this gap. Essentially it happens that since the migrant workers do not form part of local voting community, the Panchayats also do not show much interest in bringing development to their door step.

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Amitava Purakayastha 12/05/2014 11:35:18

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