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The public sentiment about demonetization has been correctly captured here. The beauty of the whole process, as felt by me was the perfect secrecy successfully maintained about what was coming. The analysis on U.P election is factual.I had to travel extensively in U.P during the pre-election time and I can attribute the win of BJP partially to the carefully designed advertisement campaign.Most of the bill-boards or the posters did not speak about tall promises. They featured common faces and aspiration/ expectation of these categories from the state administration.A mother ( the face carefully chosen who indeed looked like a mother from rural U.P)wanted say a safe return of her son from work. A young man say wanted a job, An urban lady spoke strongly about law and order, so on and so forth. Everyone could relate with these problems and the faces next door.So,practical problems were carefully identified and the faces for the campaign were chosen who looked very much from the society. Right locations were chosen in the plains and in the foot-hills for the bill-boards.I remember some of such locations as railway crossings where the gates are constantly closed with resultant traffic jam,bus stands, courts etc where people have to wait and feel angry. The final interesting issue about demonetization, as some people say is the amount of currency notes of 500 and 1000 that were deposited in the Banks far exceeded the actual number of such notes printed thereby implying entry of fake notes even.

Samiran Lahiri , India 29/07/2017 21:42:19

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