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Like the saying goes " an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" will only make the whole world blind. What distinguishes us as being humane is the virtue of "mercy", something we have lost sight of. I am not saying that I don´t believe in justice or crimes should not be punished. I am only saying our punishment can be rehabilitative and restorative rather than destructive. I would rather a rapist serve a sentence in jail, realize what he has done is abominable, repent, and then give back towards women empowerment once he´s out and work hard with males to promote respect for women rather than for the state to strangle him with ropes. Ultimately the buck stops here " if we cannot create life, we don´t have the right to take it away". Does justice, fraternity, liberty and equality allow us the right to permanently take away some one else´s right to repent or reform?

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02/03/2014 23:41:03

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