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Keys are 1. BELIEF - small initiative matters 2. EXECUTION - Persistence 3. MOTIVATION - Positive reinforcement of belief A small steps taken in right direction brings quick wins, results and recognition in close loop. This good enough to start a self sustained process. Let me share some of my personal experience Some of my friends from a non-profit helped a rural school (DNVHS) in West Bengal to implement a few basic IT interventions. Head Master and the Managing Committee supported the initiative wholeheartedly. The project was published in newspaper. Read the story. Now they are trying to take the initiative at District level. Hope the positive spiral will keep on moving forward.

Nilanjan Nath 24/07/2013 11:42:23

Innovative mindset will bring a lot of satisfaction in teachers that will benefit everybody in the society....

mildin 100 stk mildin 90

Sunil Gaur 27/07/2013 10:42:15

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