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To, Hon ble Minister of Rural Develapment NEW DELHI Dear Respected sir or Madam please allow me to go Subject: Mgnrega Act.2012-13 th millions grants corruption cases. regarding herein MIS upload mongering Social Audit MIS report.these issues immediately enquiry.irrefutably immediately prosecuted Govt of India ordered negligently about. I am Vidyasagar Bhalke at village post Gadgi Taluka Bidar and district Bidar karnataka I am Emply Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,2005 my post Social Audit Co-Ordinetor my working place Taluka Panchayat Humnabad Mgnrega 2012-13 conducting 33 Gram Panchayat Social Audit Gram Sabha documents inspection time come to the Knowledge Administrative Expenditures cases of miss utilization of found all 33 Gram Panchayat and None Mgnrega Register workers I am visiting workers job card holders Home Not a job card any person These issues 33 Gram Panchayat.Amount collected MGNREGA section officer Social audit Poblic meeting all major and small Cases collected Next day updated under Mgnrega online MIS and Remarks sir sincerely any Accept allegations and corporation under social Audit MIS updated herein I don't no Without region agog beanbag aggro suspension My Home Address by post in Zila Panchayat Deputy secretary and Social Audit And without notice and without memo.aggro without 23 Months salary uncontrollability systematically suspension millions grants corruption misused divulged done bawling loses.And suspension resulted district author employees found misused suppressant corruption divulged affected job Losses slumped.And 33 Gram Panchayat.Amount collected.And embezzlement MGNREGA section officer's.Assistant secretary zilla panchayat and.Mr.Baswnapps Patil FDC Zilla Panchayat and Mr.Kiran Patil FDC Taluka Panchayat Humnabad and social Audit district co-Ordinetor.herein I am good perfarmance i really I don't know Without region cheating to drown.suspension And aggro without notice and without memo suspension And my request and Complaint Central and state Govt.And Human Rights Without region Official harassment.And without 23 Months salary pending.My request.Accepted and referred to forwarded the letters Zilla Panchayat Bidar These issues allegations and corporation under social audit Immediately Enquiry participated corrupt officers implementing irrefutably participated prosecuted action and action taken report to petitioner Also Govt of India herein jamming evicting attributable nonexistent parson appoints in Assistant secretary without inspection.And without Enquiry In Without petitioner knowledge and without intimation Submitted lies Fake Document and misreport forgeries forwarded Mgnrega director of karnataka let's Ordered don't care and neglected.All let's without Chif secretary knowledge.secluded And date:13/03/2014 my Submitted all found misuse and my salary And author my Documents.without Chif Secretary knowledge Assistant secretary missples amd ravish let's And Zilla Panchayat assistant secretary relative candidate beneficially afresh added appointed my suspension beforehand aggro cast discriminates again. Staffing accompanied avarice avaricious shameful betrayal inasmuch indecent wilful My laying complaints issues central Govt and state Govt Assistant Secretary overpressure all complaints backwards pullout only ant intra threat attack and assassination intimidation careful becalmed Date:05/07/2014 at Night 8.45 pm unknown 2 person attacked on me I don't known day by day careful message To me sir Author Zilla Panchayat Employees advice to me Date:06/07/2024 th My safety to Request and complaint personals actions and help us to protect dreading my family and me life complaint and required Police Commissioner Bidar Any my.anyone injuries any attack and death responsible to Assistant secretary Zila Panchayat and Taluka.Panchayat Mgnrega section Employees and district social Audit Co-Ordinetor Official.working.besot besom treatment insult and harassment and Mentally and physically torcher without memo and notice without region and pending 23 Months salary not pay Working suspension under MGNREGA Act.Sir wery sincerely My duty 23 months without salary work sir And beggary my position is very critical position beggary and very serious condition and soonly recover my job and We can not get our salary for last 23 months And now our condition is like a begger Our family are depend on our salary & now we are unable to complete demonds of our family members..suffer so plz help us for our this situation & clear our pending salary & make sure our next coming future laissez millions moneys labouring suckers negligently misused miscreant employees and.loyally.irreproachably faithfulness.Found exploiting methinks divulged thereon erroneous punishment and obliterates suicide attributing and my Decide in CEO Bidar office chamber suicide without any error save My family and me Kindly excuse me for giving you a trouble I am really Thank full to you Sincerely, VIDYASAGAR BHALKE R% Gadgi at post Gadgi Taluka and district Bidar 585402 Karnataka Plez Download attchd file

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