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So how come Indians are hungrier now than 40 years ago?

13/04/2014 11:53:05

So how come Indians are hungrier now than 40 years ago? You may also want to consider fact that as manufacturing did better, it actually shed jobs. In the age of automation and robots and software, labor intensive manufacturing´s days may have peaked.

13/04/2014 11:55:48

Dear Sir, I am interested in knowing two things 1) Kindly, explain what does "structural changes" refers to i.e. consider manufacturing (Does it refers to policy environment, management and change in available infrastructure leading to better productivity) 2) You talked about relocation of employment from low productivity to high productivity; do you feel that other sectors have the capacity to absorb this relocation (suppose moving labours from agriculture to other sectors) without having an effect on the overall productivity or bargaining power of the relocated labour? Regards Shravan Prime Minister Rural Development Fellow

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