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If we put target to create persondays without taking consideration of durable assets for sustainable development with reference to money spent we are somewhat successful in implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. Easy & free flow of fund in the rural economy has boost up as well as caused pseudo inflation. The infrastructure that has been made will serve the purpose for the present only, but in some cases it has damaged the eco balances. The government may think whether so many schemes are need for uplift of the poor. Whether beneficiaries may be asked what kind of help they needed from the govt in an atmosphere where everyone can strive for their livelihood in a free & fair manner. Should our government think that it is not OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT & OMNIPOTENT.Let an environment be created where everyone can work according to their capacity & earn their livelihood rather apprise them & make them dependent.Before giving any individual or direct benefit & formulating a scheme let our govt should take a survey & get their demand & outcome.

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Mann Mohan 30/08/2014 12:59:07

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