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I agree with the findings. Even educated city people are refused accounts by the bankers. The problem is very acute in PSBs and in private sector banks, the average quarterly balance charged are ranging from Rs.5,000 to 10,000 and there are numerous other charges which get levied by the private banks. For zero balance accounts why cant we outsource the process of account opening to other entities like post offices, panchayat and aanganwadis. These entities can open the account basis identity and address proofs and then the accounts may be boarded to the nearest branches for further functioning.

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29/05/2015 02:15:17

I. Not sure what the article was all about ? – bank bashing, which all of them do ! II. Does not article provide any solutions ? forget the pragmatic one... III. I would ask the author and researcher to spend one day in the (Rural) bankers seat , and then give him the solutions ? I agree not all bankers are friendly enough – the case is true for western world – my trip to US with a travellers cheques ( from Thomas Cook), took me 2 hours at a bank branch, where they donot want customers in the bank at all, my passport and Visa was perhaps under forensic scrutiny too i guess; but i was ready with the horoscope too. My daughter is a retail banker – works for 12 hours still mentions of pending work !! IV. The Rudyard Kiplings 6 Qs would be relevant to ask 1) why is the govt doing the JAM trinity – the primary concern is DBT and reduce leakage, while FI is great add on 2) what clients are we talking off ... illiterate, less aware ? etc FRNKLY DIDNOT FIND ANY IDEA FOR INDIA

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31/05/2015 01:16:56

PMJDY is definitely a big step forward, with thrust from the top. There will be new type of banks and is the revenue/customer right metrics when pretty much 90% of things are done using technology. For an automated financial transaction it does not matter if a million dollar is transferred or two dollars are transferred. With new payment banks coming as well as mobile currency many of these problems go away. Coming back to today bank employees discourage even rich customers from opening the account, because their thinking is it will only add to their work. Many public sector and even some private sector employees operate with neither business orientation nor service orientation but just to self-perpetuate. The same attitude bubbles up. I was told even when I had all the ID to come with an introducer which is a very old rule. When I protested the bank manager told they have still not got in writing that introducer is not needed. I would say if a person has an account in one bank, it should get easier to open in another. Rather we should move to a depository model even with bank investments, the way it is done for stocks.

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01/06/2015 09:03:14

you say thanks to baker for that they able to say wai i will call you and completed customer's work this day in other govt. department go and please tell me they what say? Please prepare article on railway department, PWD or bsnl or post department. your article will be much long...

24/12/2015 10:57:18

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